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flashbacks and photographs

So a lot of people ask me, "Jess, how is it that you travel so much?" Well, all I can say about that is that I've been very lucky and very impractical with my lifestyle for some time now. I'm pretty sure that my wanderlust was spawn from my first taste of true adventure when I threw myself into a sink or swim scenario by traveling alone to study abroad at Bond University in Queensland, Australia for my junior year's spring semester in 2003. Holy crap I can't believe it's been five fucking years! I digress.

Knowing I probably wouldn't be heading back to Australia anytime soon, I took advantage of traveling about, as it was encouraged as part of the experience of studying abroad. I know this is way self-indulgent, but this is my blog right? So yeah, while I was there I tried to document some of my experience in photographs and posted some on a sight called PBase. I recently found that some of my albums still exist, and now I'm going to share them with you! It's like lost footage. How exciting!

A good chunk of the photos I've recovered are from my trip to Thailand, where I traveled with an organized tour called Extreme Adventures, and seriously, what an extreme adventure it was. Thailand is by far the craziest time I've ever had. I mean, I rode elephants, shot M16s, and shit in holes. Fucking aye.

A lot of my albums have expired and evaporated into "missing galleries" or something. I guess there's nothing I can do about that. I've never been much of a computer whiz, as you can tell by this blog, so the sizes of these remaining albums are in par with how much free space I was allotted at the time.