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which way to the beach?

Few things in life grant me the simple satisfaction of waking up only to slip into a bathing suit and out the door to the nearest body of water. That is summer. And while with age summer fades into the obscurity of yearly events, I refuse to let such an opportunity pass by altogether. I am thrilled to be leaving Austin tomorrow and finding serenity on the gulf coast shore of Mustang Island State Park.

Throughout my childhood, my family frequented the Jersey Shore points familiarized in east coast cliches and Springsteen songs. For most of my life the Atlantic Ocean was the ultimate summer experience. My parents took me out beyond the breaking waves to the calm, and I fell in love with the gentle disposition of the massive sea.

Bruce Springsteen - 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

My unconditional love for the beach eventually spawned my desire to seek distant shores. I've been fortunate to wade in the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean and Andaman Seas, in Australia, Barbados and Thailand respectively. Such extravagant experiences of carelessly presenting myself as shark bait while surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and wading in unfamiliar territories eventually awakened an unwavering fear of death by shark (call it foolish, I call it respectful precaution), and have consequently curbed my interest to venture out as far into the water as I did as a child, but never could it deter me altogether.

It's been almost a year since my last bout with the crashing waves which kidnapped my sunglasses in Cape May, NJ, and I've found myself longing for the basic accessories of the shore: the scent, sweet lulling sounds, and the lingering sand that sticks to you for days after departure. I can't wait to bask in the sun and enjoy the sweet, simple pace of the sea. So picture me loving life until I return with an appropriate summer photo montage.

giggly gobbily goods

Lately my favorite blog, This Recording, has been running a series in which their contributers list off things they find hilarious. I had so much fun reading through their lists that I decided to compile my own. So la tee da, and here we go . . .

Michael Ian Black vs. David Sedaris, Canadians, mustaches, baby animals, Wesley Willis, the Elaine dance, My Cousin Vinny, hungry hippos, RZA, monkeys, horoscopes, Tim McNamara, The Jerky Boys, zoomba pants, that's what she said, Jerry Stiller, comb overs, Pootie Tang, Mad Libs, Charlie's America Song:

The Muppets in Space, miniature golf, Florida, urban cowboys, Jens Lekman, Keith Richards, the Jimmy's down Seinfeld episode, the old men in the Muppets, Wanda Sykes, Dr. Katz, Elmer Fudd, Michael Cera, roller disco, Snoop Dogg, Joey Buttafucco, sarahspy, this AFSME parody:

Aziz Ansari's Shittiest Mixtape, Vik Prjonsdottir's Beard Cap design, 80's night, kitchen banter, Kevin Smith, Home Movies, Kevin James, The King of Queens, Jim Gaffigan, synchronized swimming, the monster mash, That 70's Show, hula hoops, drunk boxing on Tricor, Home Movies' Guitarmageddon episode, Ken Marino casting himself as the asshole in Diggers, $240 dollars worth of pudding, Bill Murray, the Beastie Boys' video for Futterman's Rule:

Real talk, Bel Biv DeVoe, David Arquette and Luke Perry in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, dogs in sweaters, Napoleon Dynamite, celebrities, Wet Hot American Summer, The Flight of the Conchords, Redman, Arrested Development, Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, when Kate and I go too far with a joke, Grand Royal Magazine, bro-downs, pinatas, the bible belt, politics, Mahna Mahna, Steve Martin, toupees, fat guy in a little coat, Kramer, shoulder pads, 30 Rock:

Snicker doodles, Greg King, Bob Dylan, James Franco, Michael Showalter, Demetri Martin's Trendspotting segments on the Daily Show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The New Kids on the Block, when Jon Stewart bros down and has giggle fits with his guest, how Jacob loves Ludacris, Arnold Schwartzenagger's resume, George Bush senior skydiving on his 80th birthday, Seinfeld, Fuzz the Musical on Mr. Show, my google search for "inappropriate dinosaur", David Letterman prime-time specials:

And of course, Legends of Springsteen:

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