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The Miscellaneous Adventures of King: The Jump Off

I have this friend, Greg King. He's undoubtedly one of the most ridiculous characters I've ever met, and I mean that in the best way possible. For some time now I've been building a mental catalog of stories and events that could honestly one day make an enjoyable sitcom, and thus some serious bank. Seriously. Seinfeld's got nothing on this kid.

For example, here's today's exchange:

j.s.: i keep going to write a blog about the misadventures of king or what have you, and my mind boggles with where to start. do i start with you puking on my car? maybe. do i start with you ruining countless lives? perhaps. do i start with your pre-apology ecard? probably.

king: maybe start here [see below].

j.s.: i'm posting that. it's hilarious.

king: the script was approved by my high school spanish teacher and the video was required. you should see parte dos. it gets a little crazy. lets just say i could never run for public office.

j.s.: so i have your permission to post it?

king: not without commentary or backstory, otherwise it just seems totally insane. not that it isnt insane. comprende?

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