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tiger style

This picture from The Felice Brothers' myspace delights me in the way few things do. It's fucking incredible and reminds me that in one of the first interviews/reviews I read about them, they mentioned listening to Wu-Tang growing up. And if you follow this page, by now you should recognize my sentimental attachment to Wu. And perhaps this further demonstrates regional culture trends, or that Wu-Tang created one of the most influential movements in the history of rap. Either way, here's a track off Wu-Tang's latest release, 8 Diagrams. "Campfire" is very reminiscent of 36 Chambers, with the samples providing an inspirational lesson.



King said...

i just wanted to say:

raw ill give it to ya
with no trivia
comin like coce straight from bolivia
My hiphop will rock and shock the nation
like the emancipation proclamation
weak MCs approach with slang thats dead
you might as well run into a wall and bang your head
im bringin force my force your doubtin im makin devils cower to the caucus mountains

well im a sire i set the microphone on fire rapstyles vary and cary like mariah i come from the shaolin slums and the isle im from is comin through with enough niggas enough guns so if u wanna come stressin sweatin contestin youll catach a sharp sword to the midsection

my fingers are tired but we all know this one

SARAHSPY said...

oh greg.

i just saw the felice bros show in nyc is sold out a month in advance. prob cause of the props you gave them on your blog, i bet. :)