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PETA's not going to like this

But for some reason we just love to see monkeys act like people.

The Billy Letters

RADAR's online magazine recently brought to my attention a series of letters exchanged in the late 1990's between Bill Geerhart, posing as a curious 10-year old, and some of the most infamous serial killers and well-known political figures of our time. The Billy Letters are all interesting, and in accordance with time availability, the jailed pen-pals wrote the longest and most intriguing responses.

With the project's success, Geerhart attempted a round of follow-up letters ten years later. The whole series is very interesting and needless to say, Charles Manson's letters are by FAR the craziest. I can't decide which frightens me the most, his chaotic penmanship or riddled phrases? He is CLEARLY insane and suitably recognized as one of the most terrifying people/personalities of all time. No question.

I've never read into the Helter Skelter scenario, about how The Beatles' song supposedly influenced the heinous murders he orchestrated. I think it scares me too much to research the nitty-gritty. But I do find it alarming and alluring that Manson was hanging out in the scene prior to going off the deep end, jive-talking with The Beach Boys and entertaining some sort of musical aspirations. Ca-razy.

Anyhoo, to numb the fear I may have instilled with all this Manson jibber-jabber, here's a classic little parody from The Ben Stiller Show to help you disassociate from the evils of the world.

mick & john

At R&R Circus, 1968

A wonderfully bluestastic collaboration.

Who says you have to be a Beatles OR Stones fan? I choose both.

monday mix

I've been all over the place lately. My mind's focus completely scattered, often in rapid fire, shooting about nonsensical thoughts and situations as I've exchanged sleep for caffeine and second winds. So that sets the tone for this playlist and ultimately, this post.

A Monday mix sure to induce energetic and rhythmic jolts, smiles, and an overall sense of wellbeing. (How's that for a heavy disclaimer?)


I've got to admit, my horoscope in this week's Austin Chronicle has left me slightly captivated and entirely bewildered:

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18th): When the spell is broken, Aquarius, you will be able to tap into resources that you've been cut off from. When the spell is broken, you will finally notice three big, beautiful secrets that have been staring you in the face. When the spell is broken, you will slip down off a clean, lofty perch where it has been hard to relax and arrive at a low, funky spot where you'll be free to feel things you haven't felt in a long time. When the spell is broken, it will be because you have decided to break it.

Holy shit, what crazy spell is this that warrants four sequential sentences with the same mysteriously intense introduction?


Austin Chronicle's weekly horoscopes are a Rob Brezsny production via Free Will Astrology.