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I've got to admit, my horoscope in this week's Austin Chronicle has left me slightly captivated and entirely bewildered:

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18th): When the spell is broken, Aquarius, you will be able to tap into resources that you've been cut off from. When the spell is broken, you will finally notice three big, beautiful secrets that have been staring you in the face. When the spell is broken, you will slip down off a clean, lofty perch where it has been hard to relax and arrive at a low, funky spot where you'll be free to feel things you haven't felt in a long time. When the spell is broken, it will be because you have decided to break it.

Holy shit, what crazy spell is this that warrants four sequential sentences with the same mysteriously intense introduction?


Austin Chronicle's weekly horoscopes are a Rob Brezsny production via Free Will Astrology.