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The Billy Letters

RADAR's online magazine recently brought to my attention a series of letters exchanged in the late 1990's between Bill Geerhart, posing as a curious 10-year old, and some of the most infamous serial killers and well-known political figures of our time. The Billy Letters are all interesting, and in accordance with time availability, the jailed pen-pals wrote the longest and most intriguing responses.

With the project's success, Geerhart attempted a round of follow-up letters ten years later. The whole series is very interesting and needless to say, Charles Manson's letters are by FAR the craziest. I can't decide which frightens me the most, his chaotic penmanship or riddled phrases? He is CLEARLY insane and suitably recognized as one of the most terrifying people/personalities of all time. No question.

I've never read into the Helter Skelter scenario, about how The Beatles' song supposedly influenced the heinous murders he orchestrated. I think it scares me too much to research the nitty-gritty. But I do find it alarming and alluring that Manson was hanging out in the scene prior to going off the deep end, jive-talking with The Beach Boys and entertaining some sort of musical aspirations. Ca-razy.

Anyhoo, to numb the fear I may have instilled with all this Manson jibber-jabber, here's a classic little parody from The Ben Stiller Show to help you disassociate from the evils of the world.