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Trendspotting - Youth Quake

Last night's Daily Show had me crying I laughed so hard. In case you missed it, here's Demetri Martin's hilarious segment on youth voting:


For more of last night's episode go to Jon's interview with Brian Williams is also pretty wonderful.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

(photographs courtesy of Leah Yanez and Matt Benigno)

ham sandwich with extra cheese

The "Texas Two-Step"

With tonight's Democratic Debate at Cleveland State University, those of us residing in Texas and Ohio are likely feeling the importance of participating in the primary next Tuesday, March 4. I, for one, am trying to make my final decision, as I am still undecided between the two, and as a new resident, I'm making sure I understand the unique process of the dual primary/caucus system here in Texas.

Barack Obama explains the "Texas Two-Step"

This Travis County website
provides a comprehensive, user friendly way to verify whether you are registered to vote and gives you all the necessary details to get you to your polling location by 7 pm on March 4. BUT that's not all, after the polls close, Democratic voters need to return to their poll locations for the caucus at 7:15 pm! I know that sounds like a whole lot of running around, but I'm confident that this will all demonstrate great historical significance.