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Sneak Preview: JUNO

Tonight I went to a sneak preview of Juno at Barton Creek's AMC theater. I've been crushing on Michael Cera's subtle charm and comedic timing since Arrested Development, and featuring The Moldy Peaches' on the movie's trailer sold me tenfold. However, I did get a little uneasy at the thought of everyone and their brother playfully singing along to Kimya Dawson and Adam Green's offbeat, "Anyone Else But You," but these things happen.

After waiting on line for about an hour, we were the last emitted into the theater. Leah and Kristy snagged the handicapped seats in the fifth row, while I found an empty spot in the second. The place was packed and as we waited for the film technician to cue up the movie after a rocky false-start, I found myself chatting and comparing complimentary t-shirts with the lady next to me.

Having seen so many clips and commercials for the movie with it's campaign at it's peak, I was a little worried it would be a disappointment. There were certainly parts when I found Juno (Ellen Page) abrasive and obnoxious, but it balanced out in the scheme of it all. I don't want to give anything away, so I won't. Immediate reactions are as follows:

  1. I laughed and may or may not have teared up a couple times.
  2. I anticipate a decent soundtrack. I heard Astrud Gilberto, Buddy Holly, Belle & Sebastian, and of course Kimya Dawson with and without Adam Green (the other vocal half of The Moldy Peaches).
  3. Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera) might be the new Lloyd Dobbler. Michael Cera is hilarious. How can you not love him?


Clark and Michael

Basically, I recommend you avoid any further promotional clips and insight to the film and just go see it before it is tainted by overexposure.

* * *

Listening to The Moldy Peaches is like going to a liberal arts college. I feel like their music is the anticipated or glorified version of late nights and drunken dorm room sing-a-longs, the same experiences that introduced me to them in the first place. Their bare-minimum songs are laced with raw and often inappropriate sentiment, but softened by dreamy acoustics and gentle lyrical delivery. I find the fragile balance really heartwarming and accessible. Plus back in the good ol' days at MCLA my best friends' band (Red Clay Trio) would cover "Lucky Number Nine," and "Who's Got the Crack," so I'll always be reminded of the easy livin' of those glory days.

The Moldy Peaches:

Nothing Came Out

Steak for Chicken

Ghosts are Good Company

Downloading Porn with Davo

Who's Got the Crack

Lucky Number Nine


Red Clay Trio:

Hey Yeah

Norbert's Addiction

Toxic Fumes

Red Meat


Kimya Dawson:

Loose Lips

I have to say, the way she wraps her delicate voice around these harsh and pressing issues creates something really unique and spectacular.


Pass the Mustard Seed... said...

YOU SAW JUNO?!?! I just looked up sneak previews of that movie near me yesterday! I definitely want to hear all about it and/or go see it with you when we're at grandmas. Love you and can't wait to see you...oh, and...excellent blog!

sarahspy said...

yea i've got sort of a creepy MILF-ish crush on michael cera.