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"Acha acha acha"

About a year ago, maybe even two, I picked up a bargain bin Christmas cartoon compilation for like a dollar. I regarded it mainly as a joke, and it blurred in with the rest of my DVD collection. Perhaps it should have stayed on that shelf, but last night my curiosity prompted a viewing.

In all honesty, the shit is bananas. I'm not really sure children should watch any of the cartoons in the collection. It wasn't anything I had ever heard of or seen before. I wonder why and how I ever even stumbled upon it. The obscure vintage selections (1930s & 40s) are filled with inappropriate stereotypes, especially "The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives," (I'm not even kidding) and "Santa's Surprise."

"The Snow Man, " was definitely the most epic piece. It's fucking weird, but it makes me curious. I mean, did someone once perceive this to be a good little holiday film for children? No way. My analytical brain tells me there's something more, but maybe I just want there to be more. I feel like it should offer some political undertones of the 1940's. Is it a terrible man made tyrant or just a big scary snowman?

Obviously, the organ scene is where I think he really shines.