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The Big Christmas Road Trip

It looks like I'm taking off next Saturday! This is basically a huge realization for me considering the last two times I wrote out the date I had to stop myself from writing November. This is typically the way I approach my travels. I guess I just like the rush of a deadline.

I'm not sure which way we'll be making the visits, probably towards NY. There seems to be more time allowance.

the tentative breakdown:

Day 1: Austin, TX to New Orleans, LA
Day 2: New Orleans, LA to Columbus, MS
Day 3: Columbus, MS to Charleston, SC
4 Days to get to Connecticut / New York
5 Days home
5 Days to return to New Orleans for New Years
Day 18: Back in Austin

w/all stops = 37 hrs driving
w/o stops = 29 hrs driving
total round trip = 66.5 hrs driving

total mileage = 4,169

The Kinks - Father Christmas

Belle and Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying

Liz Phair - Strange Loop


sarahspy said...

what's this box thing with all the music? i dont know about this. i might have to get on board.