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"I didn't know managers strangled people."

Days 1 & 2: New Orleans

I felt like a train wreck when I got in last night, but pulled it together and persevered. In the long tradition of the adventures of Kate and Jessica, the night resulted in all sorts of unexpected hilarity. I brought a charming four-pack of holiday beers and decided one should be consumed at each of the four stops homeward bound. Appropriately, we kicked things off with the "Warm Welcome." Deeee-licious.

While a Nor'easter may be dumping a foot and a half on New York this weekend (on top of the 8-inches my parents told me about yesterday) it was in the mid-70s and beautiful today in New Orleans. I'm sort of excited to see the difference driving in and back through the different weather patterns. I can't wait to see snow, especially of such epic proportions.

I realized that this is my third visit to New Orleans since May and I'm beginning to feel acclimated and familiar with it all. It has way more of a small town feel than you might assume, and parts/places feel completely frozen in time, which is often enchanting though sometimes scary. I much prefer that my visits are on par with the locals rather than the madness of Bourbon Street and all the tourist insanity. Last night we went to the Balcony Bar uptown on Magazine Street, and tonight we're going to some African restaurant and will likely end up on our favorite balcony overlooking Frenchman Street.