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My top 5 picks from the "50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time" and IFC recently collaborated to compile a list of the 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time, from which I have picked my five favorites. Their list is impressively thorough, while mine is of course a narrow selection based on personal taste, but nonetheless, here it is:

5. "Argument to Beethoven's Fifth," Caeser's Hour (#29 on their list)

I wouldn't exactly categorize this as funny, but it's certainly brilliant, particularly for live television.

4. "Head Crusher vs. Face Pincher," Kids in the Hall (#27)

Simply amazing.

3. "White, White Baby," In Living Color (#38)

In Living Color was the basis of conversation for third grade lunch. If you missed it, you might as well stay home sick and save yourself the embarrassment.

2. "The Pre-Taped Call-in Show," Mr. Show (#43)

David Cross masterfully rides that precarious line between hilarity and a panic attack.

1. "$240 Worth of Pudding," The State (#47)

I know it's wrong, but it just feels SO RIGHT.

Mahna Mahna

With two roommates bogged down by finals and two ridiculous, large dogs in our tiny three-bedroom house, the daily grind has regressed to something like this:

This is basically our houses' new theme song.

things to do in 78702

I'm currently awaiting confirmation on a sweet little house on Austin's east side, for which I am extremely hopeful and increasingly excited. I perceive East Austin as an intriguing redevelopment. The area is still largely perceived as "the wrong side of the tracks" (the tracks being I-35), but the ongoing gentrification process has seemingly served the area well. Emphasis on seemingly, since I'm on a benefiting end of this whole ordeal.

The central east easily benefits from proximity to UT and downtown, thus rejuvenating commerce by marketing the area as an up-and-coming region propagating towards the young, hip, and/or artsy types. I suppose I fit the bill, which is moderately priced for the central location, respectively. I certainly support the renovation of a somewhat poverty stricken region oppose to other housing opportunities sprouting up around Austin.

AND I'm totally excited to explore the new neighborhood! I'm increasingly becoming aware of the gems scattered about on the east side.

I finally checked out the Second Sunday Sock Hop at Scoot Inn on E. Forth this month, which was amazing. I plan on becoming a regular.

Sam's BBQ on East 12th has certainly become a favorite for satisfying my friend's barbecue binges. I know very little about meat appreciation, as a bias veggie head, but I've seen grown men beg for this stuff.

TC's Lounge at E. 12th & Webberville is a wonderful little blues club that has never left me regretting going out on a Monday night. Plus it's BYOB for liquor/wine, cheap beer and free soul food (on Monday nights, at least).

I'm sure the above are just the tip of the iceberg. I'm thinking up excuses for checking out Rio Rita's and East Side Cafe ASAP.