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From Jim Jarmusch's 'Coffee and Cigarettes.'

One of the most amazing screen combinations imaginable

. . . And the likely result of my new job slinging caffeine and throwing 'em back for free.

The Story of Stuff, and stuff.

Though it may seem obvious that we as Americans and/or inhabitants of an Americanized world are aware of our growing predisposition to consumerism, Annie Leonard's 'Story of Stuff' is an important and informatively concise 20-minute crash course in conscience consumerism. As someone who has certainly justified unnecessary purchases to compensate for a bad day, I highly recommend viewing this. Leonard initiates an insightful reminder of the environmental and socio-economic backlash to our culture's impulsive and destructive consumerism. While she provides the basics, it's up to us to offset this unhealthy self-indulgence and shift our focus to global awareness and sustainability.

Here are some helpful info-sites I enjoy in my quest for knowledge and conscience consumption:

The Better World Shopper
: this $10 book breaks down the impact of companies and exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly behind the scenes.

Orion Magazine: The Gospel of Consumption by Jeffery Kaplan

Insider Guide to Austin: Organic Food, Special Groceries and Sustainable Living

Lauren Bush's FEED 100 bags available at Whole Foods: each purchase of a $29.99 FEED 100 reusable shopping bag will help provide 100 nutritious meals to children in Rwanda.

Toms Shoes: for each pair you purchase, a child in need will also receive a pair.

Goods For Good: helps get excess goods from the United States to children in need.