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seasonal reflections

As the afternoons grow shorter, and the early evening drives us home to complete our chores, we are reminded of the shortness of life, and become more pensive, at least in this twilight of the year. We are prompted to make haste and finish our work before the night comes.

-- Henry David Thoreau, Journal

Months ago, when autumn fell upon the great northeast my mother met my request and mailed me a colorful collection of leaves from our front yard. She told me she picked a couple particularly pretty ones and soon found herself a half hour late for work with a bulging bag of deciduous droppings. Sometimes when the wind gusts through my window, the leaves will rustle on my dresser and a couple will dance softly to the floor.

We're finally experiencing a fall onset here in Austin. Today is a rare occurrence in that it's overcast. The fading colors and calm breeze creates an unequivocally comforting change. It's not quite the autumn of my childhood, but a pleasant variation all the same.

After the longest summer of my life, I've finally put away my summer shorts and am happily reunited with my favorite combination of jeans and t-shirts. I'm excitedly reintroducing boots and scarves into my everyday attire as they become increasingly appropriate accessories. And yes, I know, I live in Texas now, but my reality is still skewed by 24 years of long grueling winters.

Is it just me or does your musical appetite shift with the seasons?