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Rolling Stones 'Hot Stuff'

It's so hot in Austin right now.

Zach attack: my continued obsession with Beirut

Zach Condon is a total dreamboat. Period. This opinion became fact to me when I had the pleasure of seeing Beirut perform at SXSW back in 2007 and felt my entire body go limp as a direct reaction to his nonchalant, brilliant performance.

I'm pretty sure Zach fits a variation of my 'perfect guy.' To me that guy embodies a child-like curiosity, zest for life, and an amazing talent. The best thing about Beirut's front man is that he comes off so disheveled in appearance and casual in essence, which allows him to seamlessly pull off the ultimate balance. I imagine that everyday with Zach would involve a whimsical exploration or a ruckus adventure. We'd spend afternoons bicycling around Brooklyn, talk about random cultural, quirky charms & nights sharing flasks on the subway, riding the carousel at Coney Island, and making up ridiculous songs on a drunken stumble home.

Zach Condon & Ed Droste (of Grizzly Bear)

Maybe it's the beautiful production of Beirut that takes me off on these daydreams. Seriously, do yourself a favor and listen to Beirut: Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. It's magical and offers some wonderful escapism. His cover of Serge Gainsbourg's 'La Javanaise' is absolutely delightful.

spring roll recipe


Spring rolls are one of my favorite summer specialties. They're delicious, filling & super easy to make. Plus they make for a great dinner party meal. You can definitely get tipsy & still pull off a messy, but totally tasty roll.

What you need: rice paper wrappers

Fill with chopped up pieces of (all ingredients optional): avocado, red pepper, scallion, shredded carrots, tofu, shrimp, crab, cellophane noodles, romaine, mango, peanut sauce, cucumbers, snap peas, cabbage, cilantro, etc.

Personally, I've always used romaine lettuce instead of the cellophane noodles, but that's just me. You can really do whatever you want with these. I usually mix up all the fillers with some peanut sauce to keep things together.

To prepare:
1. Dip rice paper in bowl of water. Fully emerge & let soak for 10-15 seconds.
2. Take paper out of water. It should be really slippery & pliable.
3. Put small handful-size portion of fillers in middle of rice paper.
4. Fold in three sides & roll away from you towards the fourth keeping fillers pocketed in paper.
5. Serve with peanut sauce.


monday mix: summer solstice

Patrick Winfield: Flower Study

Joanna Newsom 'The Sprout and The Bean'