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all growns up

After a morning of deliberation over dresses, accessories and what-have-you, Kirsten and I headed down to New Paltz for Devon's wedding. Devon is the first of my high school girlfriends to tie the not, a concept I personally can't imagine at this time in my life. It's been over two years since I was involved in a relationship worthy of a title, and my lifestyle since then has become increasingly self-involved. Never the less, seeing two people so perfectly matched following their hearts is as inspiring and reassuring as a true life fairytale.

We picked up Cate in Esopus and raced down Rt. 32 towards St. Joseph's Church. The clock was ticking and a late arrival was simply not an option. As we entered St. Joe's and slid ourselves into a pew behind our fellow New Paltz High School graduates, I experienced a flashback to my childhood. In first grade I realized the majority of my friends were being raised Catholic which gave them the opportunity to leave school after lunch numerous days a week to attend religious ed. classes. By second grade I guilted my parents into signing me up and spent a fair share of time at St. Joe's until my interests deflated and I joined girl scouts instead.

Catholic churches have a way of making me feel small and insignificant with their immaculate architecture, tall ceilings and breathtaking stain glass mosaics. Perhaps that's an honest reflection to the religious values being practiced within it's structure, or a personal translation regarding my own religious affiliation.

While a Catholic wedding is certainly not in my future, I was overjoyed to witness Devon and Mike affirm their love in such a traditional atmosphere. Their personal accents accessorizing the ceremony emphasized a quaint simplicity. Appropriately, Devon looked like a delicate angel as she elegantly floated down the church aisle. I proudly watched her as she met Mike at the altar and their eyes locked as if no one else was in the room.

Following the ceremony our little group of NPHS Class of 2000 congregated outside to gush over one another and this occasion before piling into our cars and heading to Poughkeepsie for the reception. The Grandview hosted the reception and provided a beautiful balcony overlooking the Hudson River. As the sun faded the lights adorning the Poughkeepsie Bridge flickered into focus. Our group made sure to take advantage of this backdrop and an available waiter for an impromptu photo shoot, and I made sure to take notice of this vantage point as I indulged in the open bar and this festive reunion with old friends.

Being at a childhood friend's wedding is the most obvious indication of adulthood, something I avoid confrontation with at all cost. But being around the people who watched you grow up, as you watched them, really gives perspective and a reaffirming purpose to these narrow paths we diverge onto. I could easily size myself up to their pursuits and achievements, but really I'm proud of my friends who have each had the courage to find themselves and their place in this crazy world. Their strength is nothing short of inspiration and I thank them for that.