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sunday recharge

I've been slacking here, big time. I had so much inspiration when I first returned from my trip. Everything was fresh and my mind was flooded with words, anecdotes, and emotions that were spilling out so vividly in my swirling thoughts. As always I've been ridiculously distracted with work, the detriment of financial crisis, irresponsible road trips, etc. Today is my first day to really focus in what feels like weeks, and may very well be. I kind of wish the weather would turn colder and more conducive to hibernation, but I suppose wintry weather won't help me focus just like cigarettes and coffee won't make me more of an intellect. Though it does paint a more convincing picture, doesn't it? I think I watch too many old movies.

I'm polishing off my mid-afternoon pot of coffee, so let's see what happens. Wish me luck.