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I heart Ivy League comedians.

Ivy League comedians have recently solidified their spot in my favorite things, right between puppies and cereal. So now it goes: coffee, paychecks, puppies, Ivy League comedians, cereal.

The other night I went to see Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black perform at The Mohawk. Going into the event, I was most excited for Black as I find him both hilarious and dreamy. I mean, he is like the poster boy for I Love The 80's. However, Showalter was, in my opinion, superiorly entertaining. He performed for the majority of the event because he came on early out of sympathy for the freezing audience (the event was in an outside tent), so that may account for my preference, but if I was having a birthday party and had to choose between Black and Showalter to perform at said birthday party, I'd pick Showalter in a heartbeat.

This guy went to NYU and transferred to Brown. Smarty pants, indeed! I think his lisp is totally adorable and endearing. Showalter may even surpass Demetri Martin who has been my favorite Ivy League comedian for the past couple of years. Martin attended Yale and then NYU Law School, but dropped out to pursue a career in comedy. Sex-y! Okay, so I have a thing for geeky comedians.


Anonymous said...

i agree with you. however, using the word "superiorly" in a post about smart, funny people might turn some them away. not to be rude. liked your post, just bugs me when people make up words unintentionally. now to look up some more funny ivy leaguers...