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Patrick Winfield: Composites

I'm in awe of all this beauty. These polaroid mosaics are just a glimpse into the art of Patrick Winfield whose collection of composites is currently on display at Open Spaces in Beacon, NY. The portrayals of the Hudson River and Mohonk Mountain are especially breathtaking to me as I spent countless childhood days getting lost stumbling through those grounds. But I think it's safe to say these photographs are equally accessible to anyone whose ever stepped outside to find something intangible and beautiful. Somehow this collection captures that feeling which cannot be known or named, to me at least, thus making it so special.

Purchasing and further info HERE.

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. said...

not as impressed by the naked lady ones? your pal the perv over here was pretty down with a couple of those.

very cool though. im glad you showed this to me. :)