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The Story of Stuff, and stuff.

Though it may seem obvious that we as Americans and/or inhabitants of an Americanized world are aware of our growing predisposition to consumerism, Annie Leonard's 'Story of Stuff' is an important and informatively concise 20-minute crash course in conscience consumerism. As someone who has certainly justified unnecessary purchases to compensate for a bad day, I highly recommend viewing this. Leonard initiates an insightful reminder of the environmental and socio-economic backlash to our culture's impulsive and destructive consumerism. While she provides the basics, it's up to us to offset this unhealthy self-indulgence and shift our focus to global awareness and sustainability.

Here are some helpful info-sites I enjoy in my quest for knowledge and conscience consumption:

The Better World Shopper
: this $10 book breaks down the impact of companies and exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly behind the scenes.

Orion Magazine: The Gospel of Consumption by Jeffery Kaplan

Insider Guide to Austin: Organic Food, Special Groceries and Sustainable Living

Lauren Bush's FEED 100 bags available at Whole Foods: each purchase of a $29.99 FEED 100 reusable shopping bag will help provide 100 nutritious meals to children in Rwanda.

Toms Shoes: for each pair you purchase, a child in need will also receive a pair.

Goods For Good: helps get excess goods from the United States to children in need.


SARAHSPY said...

very cool. i read a book last year called "Not Buying It" that you might be into, in the same vein -- about one woman's experience swearing off consumerism for a full year.