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Drunk History is hilariously intoxicating

The third volume of Drunk History continues to raise the bar of my expectations for the intoxicating Funny or Die series. The premise is win-win, the storyteller gets plastered and colorfully recounts a historical event for the viewers mis-educated enjoyment. I just might have to try this at home!

For this particular production Jen Kirkman drank a bottle and a half of wine and dropped some loosely coherent knowledge, all the while battling her incessant hiccups, which she struggles with for the duration of the short film. The real kicker is the "Trapped in a Closet"-esque character performance synced to Kirkman's drunken delivery. CLASSIC.

The Tale of Oney Judge

The series is a Derek Waters creation, directed by Jeremy Konner. The series' premier episode, Volume 1, features Michael Cera as Alexander Hamilton, and Volume 2 & Volume 2.5 cast Jack Black as a seedy Ben Franklin. It may not be historically accurate, but it's loads of fun!