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East Coastin' - Part 1

I just returned from a wonderful little trip to the great northeast. For ten days I reveled in a geographical culture and transit system that inherently makes the most sense to me. There really is nothing that compares to going home. A big burst of fresh air, in some of the dirtiest cities around.

DAY ONE: Austin to Philadelphia, and a little slice of New Jersey

The entire trip was the product of last minute planning, so I was beyond excited when my friends in Philly said that not only could I stay with them after arriving in the "City of Brotherly Love," but that they demanded I join them for the first in a series of Springsteen shows at the Meadowlands. Unbelievable.

I shared the news of my good fortune with a friend back home, who replied with, "I don't know if you're rich or lucky, but either way I'm pretty sure I hate your guts." I see her point. I think I fall in the crossroads, in that I feel rich with luck.

In a series of train rides north from Philly, I looked out my window at flickering scenes of defunct industrial plants, swamps, graffiti murals, and abandoned junkyards of Jersey. The gritty factories and alley views of my journey provided a suitable primer for Springsteen's lyrical tales of the flawed working man, ghost towns, and of course the notorious tri-state area.

After my introspective solo travel, I was overwhelmed by culture shock once my friends picked me up and the pace of events shot into high-gear in route to Giant's Stadium. It was refreshingly hilarious and stereotypical of everything Jersey. Fast talk and authentic pizza passed through the car as we entered the flood of fans tail gating in the stadium lot. The show was an explosive display that brought 60,000 fans to their feet. I was shocked by the reciprocated stamina of crowd and performers. It was amazing.

DAY TWO: Philadelphia to New Paltz

I awoke to stumble around my old stomping grounds in the Old City and Queens Village neighborhoods of east central Philadelphia. I sincerely miss the accessibility of a walking city, but in contrast that day's mission was to find a rental and drive home to New Paltz to surprise my father on his 50th birthday.

The best part of the three hour drive was surfing upon 101.5 and their Jersey Guys' talk show. It's always great when a notorious stereotype reinforces itself. Their topic du jour was the heated tension between Staten Island and the Jersey Shore ignited by Belmar New Jersey Mayor Ken Pringle. It was beyond hilarious to listen to actual Jersey residents calling in to argue the definition of "guido".

Oh, and my father was 100% flabbergasted at the site of me. It was great.

DAY THREE: New Paltz

I went to my favorite breakfast place in town and saw my favorite band, The Felice Brothers! Since they actually live in New Paltz, it's nothing out of the ordinary, but I was awe struck. My dining partner/best friend was baffled by my nervousness, as these boys assume the identity of totally normal townies. I was a mess. Love does funny things to a girl.

it was just like this, only with forks and plates

* * *

To be continued . . .


SARAHSPY said...

i have to say, i did feel guilty skipping over the felice brothers' stage at all points west. i didnt need to see them again but i pictured you scolding me for it. haha.