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East Coastin' - Part 4

DAY 9: Brooklyn, NY

I'm definitely glad to have had the opportunity to get into the city while I was out east. Having grown up with frequent holiday visits and every imaginable field trip possible into Manhattan, it's easy to lose appreciation for that which is so accessible.

I met Sarah at the Port Authority in NYC and we trucked back to her Brooklyn apartment with a loose agenda for seeing something "artsy and cultural" per my request. When the exhaustive task of schlepping my bags in the midday heat deterred us from our original plans of making it to the Museum of Modern Art before close, we opted to keep it quirky and stay in BK for the night.

our waiter at Zaytoons was like an urban gypsy

oh, snap!

approaching McCarren Park at dusk

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


SARAHSPY said...

he was EXACTLY like an urban gypsy!!