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another chapter

Today I sat in the park and read my roommate passages from Emerson's essay on The Over-Soul. It sounds awfully romantic, but I assure you we felt pretty silly as sunbathers around us perused the pages of Star and US Weekly. I should have paid more attention to that memo on inappropriate reading material.

I picked up mid-essay and obliged to Margaret's request for me to read her something inspiring.

The soul knows only the soul; the web of events is the flowing robe in which she is clothed.
After it's own law and not by arithmetic is the rate of its progress to be computed. The soul's advances are not made by gradation, such as can be represented by motion in a straight line, but rather by ascension of state, such as can be represented by metamorphosis.
To me, this reinforces the importance of change and progression as constants in life. I think that's a critical consideration as we often become complacent in routines and forfeit our dreams for fear of challenge. I identify with this through and through, as I suppose my current standing is at the crossroads.

I recently left my waitressing gig. I deduced it to be somewhat counterproductive considering the expense of the daily drive and the lackluster of it all. A girl's got to stay focused, right?

who orders a flat white?

This past weekend marked my two year anniversary with Austin, Texas. That's sort of an odd accomplishment to me, as my move here was the product of a whim. The fact that I've remained is purely circumstantial. It just happened. I'm as surprised as anyone, but I have no plans to drift elsewhere just yet.

"Adventure is just bad planning." - Roald Amundsen

My anniversary did have me feeling a little reflective. A quick tally revealed that since arriving, I've moved three times, lived with ten different roommates, and held a handful of jobs. I suppose that's on par with my alternate plan of joining the Peace Corps.

Somehow in retrospect each move and shift has felt like a natural progression, which leaves me interested to see how this new chapter writes itself. I'll just have to wait and see.


SARAHSPY said...

aw, happy austin anniversary! i really like this entry & think you are very adorable. :)

Nicole said...

Loved that quote.