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north coast country

It's my last day in Eureka, California. Tomorrow I'll catch a ride down the coast to San Jose for the next portion of my travels. It's been a refreshing and rejuvenating experience up in this small town of the western north country. Crisp cold air & breathtaking natural surroundings have me in an exaggerated state of awe. It's a complete turn around from Austin's grueling summer. As I marvel at the overcast skies and cool breezes, my host has laughed at how insane I sound.

Aspects of the environment feel similar to my childhood in the northeast, but the coast and mountains offer this amazing blend of elements. Evergreens, redwoods & eucalyptus trees tower & fill vast stretches of land that drop off into the ocean. It's no surprise that the two main industries for this area were once lumber and fishing.

We hiked through the trails at Trinidad Bay through thick, overgrown forests. The giant trees block the sun and create dark clearings in their brush. We walked into the eerie darkness feeling as though we'd entered another land, exited, and laid on the massive rocks of the Trinidad Bay poking our heads over the cliff to watch the waves crash in a beautiful, violent display. The ocean is such a massive beast.