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Days 17 & 18: New Orleans
New Years

We had a classy cocktail party at Kate's and made all sorts of fancy food to impress our guests. Around eleven we packed up the remaining booze and headed to this crazy pagan holiday to ring in the new year.

I found this video on youtube, and it's funny to me that we're somewhere in that mess. I tried to spot myself, we were pretty much front row, but no such luck. It was a really crazy affair and looking back I can't recall seeing any police regulating the event. New Orleans really is like a third world country sometimes with the lawlessness and the way these sort of events are common place. It's pretty awesome that it all went down smoothly. We ran around the fire, finished up our champagne and headed down to Frenchman. All in all, a wonderful way to kick off 2008.


Sarah said...

i would say definitely more exciting than the NYE party i attended on boring ol' wall street!