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Dinner with the President

Among the perks that come along with working at the Lake Austin Spa Resort was the recent opportunity to serve Barbara and President George H.W. Bush. No bullshit. I must say that the couple are remarkably endearing, which immediately dissolved my nervousness as soon as I sat them. The former President was much taller than I would have expected, and I nearly didn't register Mrs. Bush as the former first lady without her trademark blue dress-suit and pearls.

Despite my personal distaste for their offspring who currently runs the show, I couldn't help but find myself warmly at their disposal. It was like entertaining your grandparents. To further exemplify that comparison, President Bush even stuck his head into the kitchen after dinner to thank us all AND gave us little presidential memorabilia tokens! I think we were all a little awe-struck as he handed the guys cuff-links with the presidential emblem and then dug in his pockets to find me a pin with the same emblem. I don't know which is cuter: his thoughtful outgoingness or the thought of him packing his pockets with souvenirs. Either way, I feel honored to have had this encounter.

I think this video of the 84 yr old former President and the U.S. Army Golden Knights skydiving during the George Bush Presidential Library & Museum grand re-opening ceremony last year is a great representation of his charm:

But seriously guys, what ever happened to Dan Quayle?


. said...

ew, whatre you talking about, who cares what happened to dan quayle!!

p.s. you should be barbara bush for halloween.