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"Kindly Rewind" Filmmaking Frenzy

One of the best establishments in Austin is unquestionably the Alamo Drafthouse. For those of you who've never experienced the simple pleasure of legitimately enjoying a beer and/or a meal at your local movie theater, I feel for you. Now that I've grown so accustomed to what so casually presents itself as a basic human right, I can't imagine life without the Alamo.

Consistent with their out-of-the-box approach to entertainment, the fine folks at Alamo recently hosted a Filmmaking Frenzy inspired by Michel Gondry's new movie Be Kind Rewind . Gondry's new release stars Mos Def and Jack Black as film clerks who accidentally erase their entire stock of movies and create short remakes in attempt to rectify the damage. Be Kind Rewind will be out in theaters February 22, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this as soon as possible.

Be Kind Rewind, trailer

Appropriately, the Filmmaking Frenzy contest, dubbed "Rewind Kindly," challenged teams to create low-budget 5-minute remakes (or "swedes") of popular Hollywood films. The hilarious products of this contest can now be viewed at I've only skimmed through and watched a couple flicks so far. While most of what I've seen has fallen short of holding my attention, I found this production of Taxi Driver pretty entertaining, but be advised it's vulgar (like the movie itself), so don't watch it at work. I find that the main deterrence from watching most of the clips is that even at 5-minutes a pop, they're just too damn long. Personally, I think Angry Alien Productions really steals the market on low-budget Hollywood remakes with their 30-Second Bunnies clips.


. said...

i dont know if i want to drink beer at the movies. i always miss something crucial whenever i have to get up to pee.

Ben said...

Check out my version of Top Gun:

Try to guess which scene caused a minor run-in with the police.

abzb said...

check out one of the swedes that made it as a finalist-- a remake of the Be Kind Rewind Film. Watch the bowling scene from the Big Lebowski.

abzb said...

Pass the Mustard Seed... said...

I want to see this movie so bad!!!