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the femi-stache trend

mommy's little hipster?

Moustaches are funny. Period. This is because in some cases they make people uncomfortable. To my knowledge, the moustache had it's hayday in the 80's and has since been the making of jokes, dares and bets between friends. Lately the moustache has seemed to gain attention as an ironic trend for guys, and now it seems I keep hearing about how ladies are getting in on the joke.

I have to admit I'm no stranger to the phenomenon, though I didn't recognize it's scope. I had no idea how big of a trend I was participating in when I recently went to a moustache and fedora party. But shortly thereafter I read an article in Nylon Magazine that brought my attention to a site dedicated to the fingerstache and moustache necklaces, like the one pictured below (my favorite from their showcase).

the ringmaster // ach ach liebling

Last week sarahspy noted the moustache trend in her weekend round up noting that runway models have been sporting this accessory right up on THEIR FACES (WTF!?!). Now my roommate will tell you that it's a confidence booster. She barely hesitated to bring sharpie to face for the party we attended, while I opted for the fingerstache. But I kinda wish I'd thought of this:

that's just classy

I guess this would be a good time to confess that there is currently a face-level moustache on the full length mirror my roommate and I share. Trend or not, it's just funny.


SARAHSPY said...

i love the mirror idea!!! thats so funny. i want to copy it.

and thanks for the liiiink :)