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it's all happening!

"this is so great I had to share it with you" //an explodingdog image

In one big burst it seems so much has happened and my confused path has returned to goodness.

I think it all started when I impressed my mother by joining my local library, which is so awesome I don't know why I waited so long in the first place. Or maybe it was two weeks ago when I saw The Walkmen and was just four human bodies away from Hamilton Leithauser's sheer awesomeness? Let me just say for the record, that man is a tall drink of water.

Hamilton Leithauser being amazing

Whatever set this trend of good fortune, in a whole new and totally amazing turn of events it has somehow been confirmed that I am not a complete derelict. I am on my way to becoming an actual, legit writer. I was granted two new opportunities in the local scene that I have already begun working on! Very exciting.

So yeah guys, this page may suffer (boo) as a consequence, but will more likely become completely nonsensical to compensate for the actual writing I have to do. For instance, today's last minute, deadline-driven assignment writing a full feature on high-end shopping in Austin made this rambling entry so incredibly necessary to even the score.

OH and in the spirit of good cheer, this is so good my heart nearly exploded with glee when I found out -- Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band will be returning to Austin on November 21st to play at Stubb's with THE FELICE BROTHERS! Life is beautiful.


SARAHSPY said...

that line-ups gonna make your skull explode

Audra said...

ooooh...i wanna go too.