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that sh*t was bananas!

Yesterday afternoon I witnessed the darnedest thing while driving home.

In my red light space out, I found myself admiring a good looking man at the corner to my right, mainly because he was dressed so originally in a midnight blue suit with a colorful button down peeking through. Sassy, yet sophisticated. It worked, for he totally won my attention without any further statement. Naturally, I watched him cross the street in front of me and took immediate notice of the traditionally dressed businessman crossing from the opposite direction, thinking what a contrast the two represented. Then something completely unexpected happened.

As they met in the median my boy in blue bumped into the businessman's briefcase, knocking it unhinged and releasing a bunch of loose bananas onto the ground! (I'm DEAD SERIOUS.) Before I could even process this strange occurrence it got even stranger. A man in a gorilla suit suddenly swooped in to collect the bananas and continued across the road and west on 15th Street.

This all happened during one red light.

As the light changed and I continued on my way, I couldn't quite wrap my brain around this random event. All I know is that I am so glad to have been a witness. How crazy is it that I found myself in attendance for such a private performance? I guess you know what they say, "Keep Austin weird."


Audra said...

Are you really serious?? Were you caught on "candid camera" also?...b/c that sh*t is fo sho bananas. Back from vacation and missin' you...can't wait to hear what's new!!